Now that all of the rain has ended, SUMMER has truly begun. It is HOT and we are only in the 90s right now. Ethan and I were up early to run some errands before the heat really got bad. Jack was off all day with his girlfriend for her high school graduation. Sylvia left early for work, so we all had a busy day. Ethan and I went to an ice cream social that was outside, IN THE HEAT, for a support group meeting for Tourette Syndrome. We were under the shade of a tree at least, and we drank LOTS of cold water. We also ate some yummy ice cream. It was fun and I got to talk to other parents. Ethan got to hang out with some kids his age. He and I then grabbed some lunch and came home. Sylvia and I did get to lay down and take a nap this afternoon for an HOUR! Oh now that was nice. She is off seeing one of her friends tonight who is having a small party to celebrate something or another. I didn’t feel like going and Sylvia was OK with that. I went out around 7:00 PM and did some easy yard work, but still sweated A LOT.

I started watching a new Netflix series, Sense8. It is pretty good and there are some lesbian and gay main characters. The story lines have been interesting. I watched four episodes just today. Ethan and I have to hit the road in the morning to go do some mystery shopping, and the first shop will be at our FAVORITE donut shop. NO WONDER I AM NOT LOSING WEIGHT! I then have two gas shops and we get to come home!! Jack will head back to school tomorrow and then the week begins on Monday. I will have to keep y’all updated on the guest bathroom make over that hopefully is starting next week. One company is going to come out and measure the bathroom sink vanity to put a new one in. That will take a few weeks, because they have to special order the vanity top. Another guy is going to paint the bathroom, put in a new mirror and new lights. I put in a new tub a few years ago and tiled the whole tub area. I also put in a new toilet. This will finally get the whole bathroom made over!! I am excited. Sylvia and I want to redo our bathroom next!

Lots of rambling tonight! Lots going on. I hope to enjoy the next few weeks before my grad school class starts on July 7th!!

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