I am so ready for this week to be completed. My last day with my students is on Thursday. I will miss them a lot, but I am ready for the summer! One of the teachers I work with in my department has resigned, and I am glad! She is the one who has been driving me crazy. Another teacher has resigned to move to another district to teach. I am sad to see her go. My boss and I have been busy sending the word out that we have two job openings. We do have on interview set up for this Friday!!

Sylvia’s job is also slowing down a bit, but NOT a lot. I am going to take over a lot of the cooking. She has been doing all of the cooking since November. Now that I will be off from work, I will take that over for a while. She will assist me in planning the meals so that there is VARIETY! She will also help me pick out recipes that we both think I am capable of doing. I don’t like complicated. Jack will be at school, so it will be me and Ethan most of the summer. My niece is going to stay with us some, so that will make it nice. I am hoping we can go to a small water park near us, go to see my mom, go to the movies and the library, and come up with some other fun activities. I think we will all enjoy sleeping in a bit longer!

Grad school starts again on July 7th and that will keep me busy, but I think I can handle it! I can’t believe I will be graduating in December!

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