As many of you may be aware, Texas has received a LOT of rain in the last few weeks and we got even more today. A three year drought has been eliminated in just a few weeks time. Thankfully, we live in an area that is not at risk for flooding. Of course, if there is enough rain, any area can flood. We didn’t do much today because it is too cool to swim and we knew the weather would be getting bad in the afternoon, so we had a very quiet and uneventful Memorial Day today. Sylvia and I cleaned house for a bit this morning. Ethan even joined in, although not willingly, to help us out. I ran out and bought three new sets of window blinds to replace old worn out blinds in each of the boys’ rooms. I was even able to use the previous hardware and so the binds were very EASY to replace. Ethan helped me clean his brother’s room. Jack may not be home much, but he does leave a mess. He cleans it up in a general way, but leaves a lot of small trash around his room. I found some areas he will get to clean when he comes home this coming weekend. As I wrote a few posts ago, the child support has increased, so I feel like I can spend some money on some things that I have wanted to replace. I am HOPING to get a new bathroom sink, mirror, light fixture and the walls painted in the guest bathroom. Ethan got bored a bit today, so I have got to find some things for us to do over the summer so we don’t drive each other TOO crazy!


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