I checked my college email account last night to see if a professor had answered a question I had emailed her. Sitting in my INBOX is an email titled SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED. I had not applied for any scholarships, so I opened it wondering if it were a joke or spam. I read through the email and it contained my ID number and was from a college email address. I start reading the email and I have been awarded a large scholarship for the Summer and Fall semester. It is enough to cover all of my tuition, books and have some left over to help with any other expenses. I almost fell out of my chair. Sylvia was also excited about the scholarship! I will be graduating in December and have an internship next Fall through my school district. I won’t have to work mystery shopping to help pay the bills. I am so excited about this opportunity. I am going to use the money wisely and put away what I don’t use to put towards the loans that I will start repaying after graduation.


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