Ethan and I have only three more weeks of school and then we are OFF for the summer. Well, I will still be doing mystery shopping and then I start my summer grad school class on July 7th, so I am not totally OFF, but I won’t have to wake up at 5:35 each morning!! Jack is in a vocational program and his new semester started this past Monday. He has a full 15 week summer semester so he will be off at school all summer. Of course, he is HOME this weekend to be with his girlfriend for a banquet she is attending, but he won’t have his typical summer off! He will get two weeks off between the Summer and Fall semester, and then be back at work!

The professor for my practicum class emailed the class to tell us the requirements for the class. We will be using several IQ and academic assessments that we need access to through the school district that is allowing us to do our internship. My special ed. director has already approved me working within the district to complete my internship and I checked with the testing coordinator and we have all the assessments I need access too. Now, I won’t be testing kids at school (unless they have an evaluation due and I will be working with another diagnostician), so I will have to recruit nieces, nephews, my brother and sister-in-law, Ethan, Jack, and any other adult or kid I know to test. Anyone want a FREE IQ test?? I have to administer each test so many times, and it will be good practice! I have to get 160 hours completed within the school district, but that shouldn’t be difficult. I will be out of the classroom starting next year and back to the role of the Lead Teacher running my department. I will be running IEP meetings and working with other districts on how to best serve the students. Let’s just say, I am ready for this change. I will miss being in the classroom, but I am ready for this. It will be a CRAZY semester to say the least, and I am hoping Sylvia and I can survive it. She is so supportive of this path I chose to follow. She encouraged me to go back to school! I just have to be sure to give her the attentions she needs. She is so much more giving than I am in some ways. I can get so self centered, but I am working on it and at least I realize that I do it. My work is one of my passions though! At least the summer won’t be TOO crazy!

Ethan starts high school next year, so that will be ANOTHER big thing for next year. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition and he won’t have too many issues. His issues add to my stress at times. He has grown up a LOT in the last few years, but he still has a LOT more growing up to do!

Counting the days…..12 1/2 actual SCHOOL days LEFT and then SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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