Sylvia and I got a weekend vacation last weekend. We dropped Ethan off at camp on Friday afternoon and then our vacation began. We stopped and had a wonderful dinner and then headed to the hotel. We spent Saturday shopping and we even managed to go to a state park and see the sights. We have been in this area before and stopped to eat lunch at our favorite cafe. After eating lunch we did some more shopping and then went back for PIE! We stopped at a chocolate shop and bought some truffles. We found a new restaurant to try on Saturday evening and really enjoyed our meal. We took some dessert back to the hotel room but stopped to do some more shopping before heading back. We got up Sunday morning and had a nice breakfast. We then went to the camp for the closing ceremony and to pick up Ethan. He had a great time at the camp and we had a great weekend. We will go back again next year and see some more historical sights and visit some of the same places. It was a quick weekend, but we had fun. It gives Sylvia and I a chance to spend some quality time together. We had been saving our money, and this made the trip even better. We didn’t stress about how much we were spending and we had a good time! Summer is coming and I won’t be working, and that provides us with more quality time. I do have one grad school class starting in July, but only ONE! Ethan will be going to high school next year and I will have my last semester of grad school, with an internship. Life will get busy, but we will get through it!


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