I was out walking today and thinking about the last few years. I was thinking about next school year and how I will be doing my internship as an educational diagnostician. I have been a teacher of the deaf for the last 23 years. I have taught at the high school and middle school levels for the majority of this time. I have also taught at the elementary level and done some travel teaching. During this time I have worked with one interpreter for this entire time period. She recently told me that I seemed more relaxed and HAPPIER than previous years. She told me I was “more laid back”. She said I had and was still a good teacher, but she could tell things were different. I know things are different, because I am happy. I don’t want to say that Sylvia makes me happy, but how I am with Sylvia makes me happy. Sylvia and I make good decisions together and we talk through things. Sometimes we hit a rough spot, but don’t most couples go through that. I was happy with my husband when we were together, but then I started to be unhappy. I am not sure when it happened, but I know I wasn’t happy the last few years. In fact, looking back I was probably miserable. I was worried about money, about him spending money, about the kids and just getting through life day to day. I don’t have those worries anymore. I know that Sylvia won’t let me down. She is there to support me and to support the boys and we are there to support her. I am HAPPY and life is good.


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