Spring is here and we are so HAPPY to have it here. We had a pretty good spring break week. Jack came home for a week and we enjoyed having him here. We didn’t do too much. Ethan had a few doctor’s appointments and Sylvia had to work. We did take one day to go and do some shopping, but it was more window shopping. Grad school for me is going great. I am actually DONE with one class….well, I do have to participate in a discussion board next week, but I have already posted my initial post. Now I just need to respond to other people’s post. My second grad school class is almost complete too. I have one final exam and one project to complete and I am DONE. I will register next week for one summer class and for next Fall, which will be my LAST semester!!

Work is going well and keeping me busy. Sylvia is staying very busy with work. She is still cooking daily, but I told her I will take over some of the cooking this summer. I think Ethan and I could find some projects to keep us busy with cooking! Ethan has his special needs camp coming up in April, so Sylvia and I will get a weekend alone together and have a mini vacation. Overall, Sylvia and I are doing well, but we have got to slow down and make more time for each other. When she is home, I am at work and when I am home she is at work. When we do have time together, we sometimes let other things keep us busy and away from each other. We had a small argument the other day, but it brought out a lot of frustrations that both of us were dealing with. I hate it when we argue, but we are not perfect and it just happens sometimes and thankfully it doesn’t happen often. Both of us work as independent contractors doing a side job, but I am going to stop taking as many assignments. Ethan needs me at home and so does Sylvia. Life is too short to work as much as I work, and well the child support people upped my ex-husband’s child support (he owes me over $20,000) and so I am getting more money there, so I can take a break from working so hard. I have enough to pay my bills and don’t NEED this second job to make ends meet anymore. Sometimes you just have to slow down!


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