Today was a half a day with my students with an early release! We were supposed to have inservice meetings this afternoon, but thanks to some snow that arrived around 10:00 this morning, we were allowed to leave when the kids dismissed. Of course, we made sure they all got home, but then we left. The roads were not too bad driving home, but there were lots of wrecks on some major roads. We may even get ICE tonight! This is some crazy weather. Sylvia has cancelled all of her lessons for tomorrow and we are STAYING HOME. Maybe I can finish all of my grad school work over the weekend! NOT REALLY, but I am really CLOSE to being done for the semester. I have two projects that need to be done and I can focus on those. I have maybe 4 assignments left and those aren’t due until APRIL. Let’s just say, I like to work ahead and get things done! Ethan’s school did not dismiss early so I let him stay at school. He came home happy! His teacher helped them make SNOW ICE CREAM with milk and vanilla. He also got to have a snowball fight with his friends. He was grinning from ear to ear. He had more fun at school then he would have had at home with me!

I hope everyone else is staying warm right now. Winter just doesn’t want to let go. We have Spring Break the week of March 9th! I hope we have decent weather then! I am going to go snuggle with my honey now!


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