I don’t usually post about work, because well there isn’t usually much to post. I enjoy teaching and the kids are great. However, there is a co-worker right now that is driving me a little nuts. She is a nice person, but she doesn’t know how to work a computer and is otherwise, not real bright in the subject area she was hired for. She is always asking for help with the same computer program that I have showed her how to use SEVERAL times. This has been going on since September. She writes down the steps and then loses the paper or just can’t figure it out from what she wrote. It’s not just me that sees this. I have heard complaints from several people. All I can so is ride it out and LET IT GO. I may drive poor Sylvia crazy. I am just counting the days until Spring Break.

Grad school is going well and I am at least one week ahead in both classes. The boys are good. Jack is loving his classes this semester. He has more hands on classes. Sylvia is working hard and working LATE these days. I took half a day from work today though and we got in a nap this afternoon before she had to leave! I love NAPS.


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