I started my fourth semester of grad school last week. If you count the one summer session, it would be five semesters! I should graduate in December of this year. The classes are interesting so far, and the assignments don’t seem to bad. There will be a LOT of typing going on to submit assignments and participate in discussion boards, but it is doable. Sylvia is still cooking new meals almost every night, or we are eating the yummy leftovers. Right now I am focused on grad school, my job and of course Sylvia and the boys. Sylvia is very supportive of my grad school and the time it demands. I am making time for Ethan each night, by sitting with him to watch TV and chat. We also have a snack together. Sylvia and I are also trying to make sure we have our time together. Jack was home for the three day weekend and it was good to see him. Overall things are going well! Work is a bit hectic but I am still enjoying being back in the classroom. I hope to keep blogging every few weeks, if grad school doesn’t overwhelm me!


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