Sylvia and I had a very nice time at our friend’s party last night. We met some new people and ate some good food. We got home around 1:30 and went to bed, with NO alarm set! Jack was still up when we got home, but Ethan was fast asleep in bed! We all slept in this morning to about 8:30. Jack didn’t get up until almost noon, but we had no real plans for today so we didn’t think it was a big deal to let him sleep in. We had a nice breakfast and just hung out at home. Unfortunately, my left shoulder and shoulder blade were really bothering me. Sylvia helped by putting one of those hot patches on my shoulder and I took some pain medication. She still takes very good care of me! We even got a nap in later and I think we both slept!

This should be a very interesting year for us! I should be graduating with my masters in special education next December. I will have an internship in the Fall and I am not sure how that will work, but I know my director will work with me. Ethan will start high school in the Fall, and that is SO hard to believe. I worry about this transition. Jack will stay at the technical college in the summer and attend a summer semester. This will allow him to graduate in May of 2016. It will be very strange not to have him home this summer. I will take one course in the summer, but it will be a short 4 1/2 week semester! We are taking Ethan back to the special needs camp in April, so we will get another short weekend vacation together! We are planning on having a new front door put in over Spring Break. I am sure there will be many other things to come in 2015.

I sat tonight and read over the blog posts from the first year I started this blog. Sylvia is in bed and I am up watching football (my team is losing and it isn’t looking good so far, so I may head to bed) and so I thought I would read back on some of those first posts. I still love Sylvia now as much as I did then, but I need to make sure I show her more. I still don’t want to take her for granted. I still want to make her as happy as she makes me, unfortunately the stress of LIFE sometimes gets in the way and harsh words can be used. I need to put my phone down more and really listen. I am going to talk to her in the morning as we lay in bed and cuddle and let her know that I want US to stay strong and that I will try harder. I don’t think I have done anything wrong, but sometimes people can become complacent in a relationship and take their partner for granted. I won’t let that happen and the first step is to be aware. The second thing I am going to work on is spending more time with my boys and one other thing I really need to work on is to LOSE SOME WEIGHT. Lastly, if same sex marriage is legalized in my state, I want to marry Sylvia.

What does 2015 hold for you?


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