Sylvia and I are going to a friend’s house tonight for a party to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We usually go to the women’s dance each year, but most of our friends are out of town or just aren’t going so we decided to go to the party. Plus the dance gets VERY crowded on a night like tonight, and we don’t want to deal with that. Jack is in from college so he will be home with Ethan. The party doesn’t start until 8:00, so we won’t be leaving early! We are very punctual people, but we have found that when it comes to parties most people are a little late!

All of the Christmas decorations are down and we are planning on just staying home tomorrow! Alabama is playing in the Sugar Bowl tomorrow night, so I will be watching some football. I go back to work on Monday and Ethan returns to school. Jack will be home until late next week, and then he will return to college and start getting ready for the new semester to start. Sylvia is off running errands right now! We have slept in most of this week, and that means until about 8:00, which is late for us. We are usually up at 5:45. I have enjoyed the “boredom” of the last few days. We have taken naps and laid in bed to cuddle in the morning. Part of me is ready to get back to work and the other part of me is not ready for the constant RUSHING that comes with work, grad school, kids and my honey! I just never seem to have enough time for everyone, but I make time! Once grad school gets started and I see how the semester goes, my anxiety will lessen.

Hoping Sylvia gets home soon. We need to take a nap if we are going to survive until midnight tonight to ring in the New Year!


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