Jack arrived home from college this past Wednesday! He will be home until about January 11th. We are so happy to have him home and the cats are ecstatic. They love hanging out in his room. Today started the day of my holiday baking! Ethan and I still have a week of school left and I like to send his teachers, principals, the bus driver and bus aide, and the principals some holiday treats. I also take holiday treats to my staff. I will be taking baking items to school tomorrow so my students and I can bake some sugar cookies. I make it into a language activity so that is how I work that in. Today I helped Sylvia with her truffles and have made two batches of snowball cookies. I will make my great-grandmother’s pralines later today. I think I will be baking each night this week. Starting next weekend I start baking for my family! We give out truffles, snowball cookies and pralines as presents. My dad LOVES my pralines so he gets a large holiday tin of them!

My niece and nephew will come over one day and we will back a LOT of sugar cookies. It is my sister’s MIL’s recipe and they are SO good. They are not too sweet and so you can put frosting on them and decorate them! The kids love it and we usually leave them out for Santa, although Ethan doesn’t believe my niece and nephew are young enough to still believe. Of course, we ALL get to participate in quality control and taste everything….and we take full advantage of that! Ethan loves to come in and help with the truffles. Sylvia rolls the chocolate and then Ethan and I roll them in some sort of sprinkles and put them in mini cup holders (like cupcake holders but much smaller). They really turn out quite pretty and no one can believe we make them ourselves! I also think a lot about my great-grandmother and my mother when I make pralines. My mom is still alive and takes a lot of pride in her pralines and now I do too. It is an OLD family recipe that I hope to pass onto my boys or their wives (or their husbands, you never know!).

Enjoy your holidays and try not to eat too much!


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