I truly believe that I don’t have to worry IF I can marry Sylvia, but only a matter of WHEN can I marry her in Texas. I think Texas will be one of the last states that will have gay marriage. I don’t say legalize, because it will never be a law, but a matter for the courts. Sylvia and I could drive or fly to another state to be married, but what’s the point, if it is not recognized in our state. We could file our income taxes together, but we wouldn’t. I truly want to marry her and to have the same rights as others who want to marry the person they love. I don’t want to have to carry around a piece of paper showing that I have power of attorney if she is sick or not able to make decisions for herself. I want to be her spouse and have the right to be with her whenever she needs me or for her to be with me when I need her. I shouldn’t have to PROVE to anyone that we are together in that time of need. I want us to be protected and have the same rights as other couples. I want our life together to be respected.

I know we will get married, I am just not sure when.


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