I am officially done with grad school for this semester. I actually finished about three weeks early and now I am just waiting for my grades! I hate waiting! Sylvia made it to the dentist, but the antibiotics had done their job, so the dentist wasn’t sure which tooth was causing the problem. She will have to wait until it acts up again before going back in to get it fixed. So, that is an update on the old stuff.

The new stuff….well we had an IEP meeting for Ethan to discuss his behavior. I asked for more assessment from the LSSP and for a behavior specialist to come in and observe him. We will meet again some time after the New Year to discuss how to better assist him at school. Jacob will be home for Thanksgiving and then home again for four weeks over the semester break. He is hoping that his girlfriend will come with us to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. He is registered for next semester and so am I! I should be graduating this time next year….YIKES!

We don’t lead an exciting life, but we like it. We have a one Christmas party and one New Year Eve’s party we plan on attending. I just plan on staying warm this winter and cuddling up with Sylvia.


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