I was flipping through channels today and started watching the documentary The Case Against 8 about Proposition 8 in California that defined marriage as between a man and woman. I am only about half way through it and have found it emotional to watch. The plaintiffs state that they are being discriminated against because they cannot marry. When one of the women plaintiffs testified it really opened up my eyes to the discrimination we are faced with. I always KNEW it was there but to hear it articulated and articulated so well really opened my eyes to this discrimination even more.

This is how Kris Perry, one of the plaintiffs said on the stand when asked about discrimination and how it affects her:

I believe for me personally as a lesbian that if I had grown up in a world where the most important decision I was going to make as an adult was treated the same way as everybody else’s decision, that I would not have been treated the way I was growing up or as an adult. So if Prop 8 were undone and kids like me growing up in Bakersfield right now could never know what this felt like then I assume there their entire lives would be on a higher arc. They would live with a higher sense of themselves that would improve the quality if their entire life.”

In the documentary, Kris further states that when she was on the stand that she realized that she had been living under this blanket of hate and that everywhere you turn people tell you tough shit, you don’t get to have that. You don’t get to feel protected at work, you don’t get to feel like your kids are like others people’s kids, you don’t get to feel like your relationship is like other people’s relationships. This isn’t just about her not being a strong enough person, this is what the whole LGBT community is dealing with. What all minority groups deal with. It was an “AHA” moment for her to realize that she had been coping and not facing it.

If you get a chance. Please watch this documentary.


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