Sylvia and I have times when we just don’t communicate well. This time it was on me. We sit down most Sundays and plan out what we will eat for the week. With both of us working, it makes sense to plan, but I HATE PLANNING MEALS. The reason is, Sylvia doesn’t like eating the same old thing each week and I could care less. I just want it easy to make and easy to clean up. We both work full time and at different times. She is working late most of the time right now so dinner falls on me. I usually get home around 4:15, but some evenings it is 5:00. Ethan is taking up a great deal of my time. He is having a rough time with his behavior so I am trying to really sit with him and watch TV, play a game or read a book. Well this is 30 min of my evening. Ethan and I are also walking for about 20 min right when I get home, so there is another 20 min. Add grad school and my work as a teacher that I bring home and my evening gets short very fast. The last thing I want to do is make a complicated meal (Ok complicated for me, not for Sylvia) and then clean it up. I had a little melt down with her about this and finally just told her how I felt, but in a defensive way. NOT GOOD….but she listened and we worked it out. She has time during the day before she goes off to see her students, so she made meals before she left that I could warm up or stick in the oven to bake.

So far, this has worked out well for us this week. I think it will continue. She loves to cook and experiment with recipes. She is an awesome cook and I lover her cooking. I am able to spend time with Ethan and get my work done. I am also ready to take care of her when she comes home and sit with her while she eats. I am pretty much done with grad school and will be off the week of Thanksgiving, so the next few weeks should be easier. Come January 12 it will get crazy again, but only 2 full semesters of grad school left and one summer session!


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