Sylvia and I have been together for four years as of this past Thursday. We met for the first time on Halloween! It was the first date we could find that worked for us to meet. We had been talking for several weeks and we both wanted to meet, but our schedules just didn’t coincide! Halloween was on a Sunday, so we met early that afternoon and talked in a park. We then went out for an early dinner and then I came home to take the boys out for Halloween.

I remember driving up to Sylvia’s apartment complex as she waited for me so I could find where I needed to go. She had seemed so confident when we had talked on the phone but I could see she was as nervous as I was when I pulled up. As I stepped out of the car, she gave me this HUGE hug and our date began. We sat and talked for several hours about anything and everything. It was a sweet first date and here we are now.

We didn’t go out this past Friday night, because she had to work and I had Ethan who wanted to hand out candy for Halloween. We decided to wait until today to go out to eat and celebrate! I am looking forward to many more years with Sylvia. It hasn’t always been easy, as my mom always says, “It isn’t easy living with another person”, but it so worth it.


3 thoughts on “Four Years Together

  1. This is a really sweet story. I remember when my fiancée and I met six years ago 🙂 I wish you two many more awesome years together!

    1. Thanks so much. I fell in love with Sylvia over the phone, but I wasn’t sure how it would go when we met. I even remember when she asked to kiss me on our second date. It was so sweet how she asked and it was a very nice first kiss.

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