Sylvia has a toothache and she really doesn’t feel well. She is going to the dentist tomorrow and we are both hoping she can have it taken care of then and not have to wait! She hopes to at least get some good pain medication! Sylvia is NEVER sick and I mean NEVER! We have been together for four years come this Friday (HALLOWEEN) and she has been sick twice in that time. She is not a complainer either, so I know this must really be hurting her. She worked a little late tonight and when she called I could tell this toothache had worn her down. She sounded so tired! I wished I could have held her right then. She could not even eat the leftovers we had from last night and ate soup instead. I am getting ready to go back to bed and rub her back. I hope she can sleep tonight. Hoping for good news or at least some resolution tomorrow!


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