This is the weekend of Ethan’s camp so Sylvia and I took the weekend off to bring him. We left yesterday morning around 8:30 and had our first disagreement within 30 minutes. What could we possibly argue about? Well, I was trying to download a book on my phone for us to listen to in the car and had issues. I couldn’t get it to work. As usual, we argue over stupid stuff. We quickly resolved the argument and kept driving. When it was my turn to drive she got the book on my phone going and we now had something to listen too. We laughed about our disagreement and blamed it on our periods which had arrived earlier in the week. Sylvia suggested I bring an emergency bar of chocolate to have for future road trips.

We arrived in Brenham around 1:00 yesterday and visited the Blue Bell Creamery which makes Blue Bell ice cream and other frozen treats. The tour was awesome and we ate ice cream afterwards. I spent about $100 at the gift shop. We checked into the hotel and dropped Ethan off at camp. He was so excited! It is a camp for special needs kids!

Sylvia’s and I got dinner last night and then came back to the hotel. It was nice not having anything to do! We got up this morning and after eating breakfast went shopping! Neither one of us bought a whole lot but we had fun. We ate lunch at a local restaurant and went back for pie with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream after walking some more. We got back to the hotel around 2:30 and took a nap. Oh, I forgot to mention we stopped at a chocolate store and bought truffles. We tried those out after our nap. We are now reserved and will go to dinner after a bit.

We will go to the camp at 10:30 for closing ceremonies. We will eat lunch there and head home. I can’t wait to hear all about camp.


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