Jack actually got home before I arrived home from work. I wasn’t expecting him to leave from college until 4:00 and be home around 6:00. Well he talked to his afternoon professor and since he is ahead in the class, the professor told him he didn’t have to stay. He left at 2:15 and was home by 4:15!! This was his first trip home since he started school and his first time to drive home ALONE.

Jack actually texted me yesterday morning and said “Thank you for having me pack the nebulizer. I needed it last night!” Of course, then I had to find out what was going on and why he needed it. He said his allergies were really acting up and his inhaler just wasn’t helping like it should. I called the pulmonologist and got them to call in some albuterol nebulizer meds and new nebulizer kits (this is the stuff you put the medicine in to make the mist). I had stopped on the way home to pick up the meds and neb kits, which turned out to be new nebulizers, when I got a text from Jack that he was home!!!

I arrived home and got a BIG hug! He said the cats were excited to see him and they were really happy to be back in his room. Ethan had gotten up this morning asking if Jack were coming home, so I think he had really been missing Jack. Jack even said he texted Ethan to tell him that “big brother is coming home today.” OH HOW SWEET is that! Jack’s girlfriend finally arrived and they were happy to see each other. She stayed for a few hours and then left for home. Sylvia got home a bit later, and Jack went looking for her to give her a BIG hug. He then talked with her for a bit.

I talked to Jack later about his allergies and how he was feeling. He did a breathing treatment tonight and will do three a day until he goes back on Sunday. I want him to continue them until the cough is gone. I even had Ethan do a treatment, because he has had a little cough too.

Jack has to clean up under his bed and get his laundry done tomorrow. His girlfriend will come over tomorrow evening and they will watch Ethan, while Sylvia and I go out to eat and to a dance. We will then hang out on Sunday and then he will go back to college. I am glad he made it home alone and am very glad he is liking college!


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