Yesterday was the big day. Ethan and I moved Jack to college. Jack followed me down to the college in his car. Both cars were pretty filled and we were ready to go! He did a pretty good job following me. This was his first time to really drive alone in a car for 2 hours on the highway. He was a good “follower” and I made sure he was always back behind me. We stopped and grabbed lunch when we got there and then went and got his wireless set up for his apartment. We also stopped and got his books. His financial aid will come in, in about 30 days and he will be paying me back for these expenses.

The REAL fun started when we went to check in at his apartment. Things went smoothly and we got his keys. He has a key to the front door and a key to his room. It is a four bedroom and each boy has his own room that locks. His key wouldn’t work. IT IS A LONG story, but lets just say THIS wasn’t easy. It took three trips to the office and a maintenance man installing a new door knob to get it fixed. We at least got it open so we could start unpacking. DID I mention it was HOT! AFRICA HOT! I was melting. I drank a TON of water, but kept moving. We got his desk put together and one of his roommates cousin’s helped us finish it. Ethan and I finally went and got dinner. We brought Jack back some food and checked out his progress. After a few hugs and some tears, Ethan and I started home. I called him as we got closer to home and he had his router set up and his wireless was working. He seemed good on the phone.

We texted this morning and he was up at 8:00. He had already showered and was on his way to the grocery store. He is a hard kid to read. He cried a lot on Friday night. I think he is just afraid of the unknown, but aren’t we all. I told him that I would always be here for him and he could always call me. I told him he is on a great adventure and that he is going to do AWESOME. It isn’t hard to let go, but I know I had too. I’ll be here for him as will Sylvia!


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