This is my last weekend before I return to work. It is also the weekend before Sylvia leaves to go to Europe for eight days. Oh, where has the summer gone! I start inservice week on Monday. OH, how I hate sitting through meetings. I went up to school three times this week to work in my room and work on schedules. On Tuesday, Sylvia leaves! She is driving herself to the airport since I have to be at work. She had to plan this trip around a family function. A week from Monday, Ethan starts 8th grade, I begin my first day teaching elementary AND I start my semester of grad school. Two weeks from tomorrow, I will help Jack move into his apartment to start college. The school is only two hours away, so he isn’t moving too far, but still, my first born is leaving the nest. Sylvia returns a week from this Wednesday. Needless to say, it is going to be a crazy few weeks in this household. Thankfully, Ethan will go and stay with my mom from Wednesday evening until Friday afternoon. I hope to take him swimming next weekend, since that will be HIS LAST WEEKEND! I am really thankful that Jack will be around to assist with Ethan, since I have to leave earlier than last year to get to work.

I hope we survive the next two weeks. Sylvia and I are going out to dinner this Sunday….all by ourselves!


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