I returned home from the conference a week ago Wednesday. The house was still standing and Sylvia and the boys had survived without me. I knew they would, or at least I hoped they would. Ethan was in one of his “moods” on Wednesday, which got on Sylvia’s nerves, but they did well. I got home and then within an hour we met my mom for dinner to celebrate Jack’s birthday. My mom’s birthday had been the day before, so we celebrated her birthday too. Sylvia and gotten a cake and we put candles on for both of them. My mom was surprised and even more surprised when I bought her dinner.

I spent most of Thursday recuperating. My left shoulder was really bothering me. I had driven two hours to the college the Friday before, then 5 hours to the conference on Sunday and then turned around and drove 5 hours home on Wednesday. I decided on Friday that I needed to go to the doctor. This shoulder has bothered me off and on for several years, but this time it was really hurting. The doctor prescribed some muscle relaxers! I came home, rested and then went to my younger brother’s after rehearsal party. Jack and Sylvia had to work, so Ethan was the only one to go with me. We had a nice time and got to meet my brother’s fiancé’s family. The wedding was the next day and it was beautiful. It was a mid-afternoon wedding so the reception was early. It was a sit down dinner and there was a DJ. My brother, sister, sister-in-law, Ethan, nieces, nephews and I all danced with everyone. It was so much fun. Sylvia didn’t dance but she got to meet some of my family that she hadn’t met yet. Ethan worked up a sweat dancing and I had a blast. The muscle relaxers made it easier for me to get through the evening and NO I didn’t drink! We left around 7:00 and we were in bed by 9:00.

Needless to say, we slept in on Sunday and spent the day trying to recover. I am just now catching up with everything. I ordered books for my Fall semester and even some books for Jack’s classes. I was on the phone several times with his college checking on transcripts and tracking down some information they needed. I still have to call them again next week to make sure they got his emergency loan information I emailed them. School starts in two weeks for me with an inservice week, then grad school starts the following week. Sylvia leaves on the 19th for Europe. The next two weeks should be pretty calm…I hope!


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