The summer for us has been going well. I have turned in all of my grad school work, which wasn’t due until next week! Ethan and I have been going to the library a few times a week. He plays in the teen room and I read. I was doing some grad school work too. We then go to the recreation center and walk 10 laps. I am averaging 10,000 steps a day. I lost 3.3 pounds the first week and Ethan lost 1.1 pounds. Sylvia lost 1.8 pounds, so we are all pleased. I am curious to see how we do this Saturday at our weigh in. I am very proud of Ethan. He is walking daily with us and not complaining. He is eating and staying within his calorie range.

Jack, Ethan and I went to visit the college Jack will attend in the Fall. He got registered and we figured out all of his financial aid. We were able to get him a private loan, so now we know everything will be paid for. He is still going to look for a job, because he needs that experience to put on any future jobs he plans to apply for after graduation. We go back next month for his orientation and to talk to the apartment people some more. We did figure out that he will be home while Sylvia is in Europe for a week. That will help me a lot with me going back to work a week before the kids return. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Ethan. I still can’t believe that Jack will be leaving!

Sylvia and I are going to go and check out some garage sales tomorrow. Ethan likes to go with us when we go out hunting for deals. Next week, Ethan and I will drive down to see my sister and her son. We will stay for a few days, while Sylvia and Jack stay home. I have a 3 day conference and the boys will stay with Sylvia and then we have a family wedding. We will then be on the count down to school, but we will have some more fun in August too. We have had a cool June so far, for Texas standards, but the heat is beginning! I hope y’all are having a good summer.


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