Jack, Ethan and I drove to the college that Jack will be attending in the Fall. Jack and I needed to talk to financial aid, because I was turned down for a parent loan(Long story, but let’s just say NEVER cosign for someone to get a car….this was the ex-husband and I should have known better). He got $4500 more in financial aid through a loan. While we were there he also got to register for his classes and found out his two college classes he took while in high school will transfer down, so two less classes to take! We also got to visit the apartment complex where he will live. He will have three roommates, and each person has their own room. He will share a bathroom with one person and they all share a common area and kitchen. He will have to pay for electricity also, but it is billed through the complex and they said it averages about $20 a month.

Overall, it was a very good visit, but he still needs to find a job. We came home and tried to apply for about $5000 in private loans, but I was turned down as a co-signer, because of the afore mentioned bad choice of co-signing for the ex-husband. ARGGHHHH. We still have two other lenders we are waiting to hear from. My dad said he will co-sign if needed. Sylvia was awesome and sat with me as I had a melt down. I am just so mad at myself, it will be four more years before this stain on my credit is gone. She said that WE will figure this out and SHE will be there for me and Jack. She took care of me and I needed it. I feel better now than I did a few hours before. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out…..I had a long talk with Jack about being careful with money next year while he away from home….and I also told him NEVER co-sign for a loan…unless it is a spouse….never an ex!


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