Summer started off with a flurry of activity. Jack graduated from high school this past Saturday. We had about 25 people at the house for a party afterwards. Everyone had fun and he was in a GREAT mood. The girl he went to prom with is now his girlfriend, and she was able to come to the graduation ceremony and the party! My ex-husband even made it into town with his new wife, baby and step-daughter. It was a nice party, but as you can imagine, there were all kinds of conversations going on.

Summer has started off slowly. I am doing a few mystery shops, but not many. Ethan started a four day camp yesterday at the rec center. It is a 3 hour session each day, so I take my grad school books and my iPad to hang out up there. I just can’t leave him there, due to his Tourette’s, ADHD and OCD. I managed to keep myself occupied. Grad school is going well, but I am glad I am taking just one class. Next week, Jack, Ethan and I will drive down to his college to talk to the financial aid people. I want to make sure he has enough money to pay for school, meal plan, and apartment. It is an apartment complex on campus and he will have three roommates!

Next month, Ethan and I will drive down to see my sister and nephew. I then have a three day conference for work and then my brother is getting married. Let’s just say it will be a busy summer! Even with all of this stuff planned, I am trying to make sure to slow down and spend quality time with all of my family. It was nice to sleep in this morning with Sylvia. She is off at work now, but will be home when I return from Ethan’s camp.

I hope everyone else is having a good start to their summer.


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