My oldest, Jack, graduated from high school yesterday. It was an amazing day with family and friends. Jack went to prom with a girl, Nancy, a few weeks ago. They have gone on several dates and been hanging out quite a bit. Just recently, they shared that they are boyfriend and girlfriend! Nancy went to the graduation ceremony with us yesterday and came back for the party. We had about 20 people at the house. We had sandwiches, chips, drinks and a delicious cake!

Jack had to ride the bus to the event center where graduation was being held. Nancy rode with Ethan, Sylvia and me! We chatted on the way and the college Jack will be attending came up. Nancy stated that Jack was worried about her ex, because he would not be around when school started back up. She is a junior and has one more year of school. I said something like, “don’t worry about it, we will help you take care of him if Jack isn’t around.” She replied with, “OH it is a girl.” I can’t say I wasn’t shocked, because I was. I was surprised that she just told us, like it was no big deal, because really it isn’t a big deal. I then said, “So I guess it didn’t bother you when Jack told you he lived with two moms” and she said, “yea, it didn’t bother me at all.” She is a very outspoken young lady, but not rude, and seems very confident. Jack and Nancy are very cute together, and he is so happy! After everyone left I told Jack that Nancy had shared with us that her ex was a girl. He said, “yea, she is bi.” I said, “Oh, interesting” and left it at that. I am glad we can at least have these conversations. I am very glad to see that this generation doesn’t seem to have an issue with people’s sexuality. Let’s just say, all of this made for a very interesting day! I am just glad Jack was happy at graduation and is happy in general! That is all I really want…and for him to graduate from college and get a job! ha!


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