I am taking one grad school class this summer and it starts on June 3rd. The professor sent out an email with a welcome message and the syllabus. My textbook arrived today, and the geek that I am, I have already read the first chapter. There will be one test a week over two chapters over five week. I have one project, one discussion a week and a journal I have to write in each week(or type in Word). Overall, it seems doable! It is on Human Development, and I have read up on a lot of this in previous classes. I sort of like the fast pace of it though and if I can get ahead then it will be rather easy. My last day at work is June 6th, so I won’t have to worry about being at school working all day. I can devote the time I need to this class. Jack graduates on June 7th and we are having a huge party for him afterwards. It will be all family, but we have a lot of family. I also plan on working on lesson plans for the next school year. I am going back in the classroom and I want to be prepared! Can you tell I like staying busy! I have slowed down on my second job too and Sylvia and I making time to cuddle! I love cuddling!

Oh and I got an A in the one class I thought I would get a B in….so straight As!


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