Sylvia and I have been together for almost four years now, and she has always driven a used car. She got a “new” used car about a year ago and sold her other car to me for Jack. She has always contended that it was better for her to pay cash for a car and not have a car payment. She works for herself teaching a foreign language to adults as well as English. She told me she didn’t want to have to worry about a car payment, because her income fluctuates. Today she called me and told me she was at a car dealership and was going to buy a new car! After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I asked her WHY she was buying a NEW car. She said she had added up all of the repairs she had done on the car in the last year, and it was just not worth it. The check engine light was back on today and she knew she didn’t want to put more money into her used car. She had to run and finish up all of the haggling with the salesman and do the paperwork, so we got off of the phone.

She called me later as she was driving home in her new car. She didn’t trade in her other car, and wants to sell it herself. We will go and pick it up tomorrow. She sounded so happy as we talked about the car. She has never had a NEW car! I then told her that I was so happy for her and that I was happy she felt GOOD about us, because I don’t think she would have gotten the car if she didn’t feel secure with her life and her job right now. She seemed surprised at my interpretation. I then told her that I knew how she worried about her income and making a car payment, but that she must feel secure now knowing that we are together and we have each other if either one of us had financial issues. We had each other and she felt good about stepping out of her comfort zone to buy a new car. She laughed a little and said, “I hadn’t thought about it that way, but if it makes you feel good about us then it makes me feel good.” I know I may be taking a big leap in my interpretation, but I truly see this as a huge sign that Sylvia and I are TOGETHER, even if we aren’t married…..we know we are committed to each other for better or worse. It is a nice feeling!


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