I watched the latest episode of FAKING IT on MTV this past week. I have to say, I am still liking this series. I did not come out as a teenager, but rather has a 43 year old woman. However, when I finally realized that I liked girls, all I wanted to do was KISS a girl to see if that FELT right to me. This latest episode, with Amy wanting to find a girl to date, reminded me of those feelings I had when I began my journey. Amy just wants to know for sure, so she wants to kiss a girl, or at least date a girl that will lead to a kiss. However, she really LIKES her best friend who is faking being a lesbian and her girlfriend. OH, how confusing this all was.

The first time I met Sylvia, we kissed, but it was just what I would call a friendly kiss. It was just a “peck”. It wasn’t until we met the second time that we really KISSED and I did like it. Sylvia and I did not RUSH into anything, and she let me lead the way since I was the newbie, but she was supportive through all of it and still is. I will keep watching FAKING IT, to see where it goes. It may be a lot of fluff, but I still like it.


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