I am a huge fan of the TV series PARENTHOOD. I have found it to be entertaining and honest on so many subjects. The series has addressed breast cancer, parenting a special needs child, parenting in general, separation, and college aged children finding their own way in the world. As a parent of a special needs child, I have found the storyline about Max, who has Aspergers, especially interesting. I won’t say the series gets everything right when it comes to IEPs, special education and the school system, but they get it more right than wrong.

Last nights episode may be its last if it is not renewed. There were several storylines last night and one revolved around a college aged daughter, Haddie, comes home from college and brings along her extra special best friend, Lauren. Later Haddie and Lauren are talking and the subject of talking to Haddie’s parents comes up. Lauren mentions that she is Haddie’s “extra special best friend”. Haddie apologizes for not telling her parents, but we aren’t sure what she wants to tell her parents, but we can guess. Lauren then states that Haddie doesn’t have to tell her parents just on Lauren’s account. Haddie and Lauren then kiss, and we now know that they are just more than friends! Max then bursts into the room to ask them where something of his is, and they immediately separate! Later, Max and his mom are out buying him a suit and Max says, “If two girls are kissing are they lesbians?” Of course, mom is shocked and has more questions, but Max is in no mood to answer. Later, the mom finds time to talk to Haddie and tells her she will always be there to support her and love her. The mom says that Lauren seems like a nice girl and Haddie agrees. You can see that the mom wants to ask and Haddie wants to tell her, but they are stuck. Haddie then says, “Max talked to you” and she knows that her mom knows. Finally, the mom says “are you and Lauren….” and she stops, she isn’t sure how to phrase it. Haddie then says “dating?” and then says that they are. All of this ends in a hug and the mom telling her daughter that she should always follow her heart. Later, the dad figures all of this out on his own, after Lauren states that Haddie is a nice girl and she really loves her….meaning in general as a friend, but the dad reads more into it, which of course, there is more.

Of course, as in all TV shows, there is a happy ending. The parents accept their daughter and her girlfriend and all is good in the world. This is not always the case when a child comes out to their parents….at any age. The TV series may not be perfect, but at least it addresses the issues and doesn’t hide from them!


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