Today started off just like any other day! I saw my students and sat through a meeting. I then checked my college email and found out that I have received a scholarship for the 2014-15 school year! I am so excited and so is Sylvia! I also had a long talk with my boss and there is a possibility I may be returning to the classroom. I have been seeing student’s itinerantly(travelling from school to school) and attending A LOT of IEP meetings! My boss thinks we need a skilled teacher back in the classroom. We have had a lot of first year teachers the last few years and I could really do some good in the classroom. I am excited, but nervous. It would be a new challenge for me. I have not taught in an elementary classroom. I have had students in a one-on-one situation at that age level, but not as a group. Of course, being a special ed. classroom, I will only hav3 5-6 kids, but in three different grades! It really depends on who we hire to replace a teacher who is leaving!

All of this made for a good day! I am all registered for my one summer class that starts on June 1st and for two classes in the Fall!


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