Sylvia and I met friends for dinner last night and then went to a local dance. It is held once a month and is only for women. We are in our 40s and don’t like the bar scene, so this is a nice alternative for us. Sylvia doesn’t dance, but she doesn’t mind if I dance with one of our friends. There are usually about 100 women there, and sometimes it is standing room only! There is a variety of music that is played, way too much country for me, but then I sit and chat with friends. It is a place that Sylvia and I can hold hands, share a kiss or a hug, and be ourselves. I usually tease her and try to make her jealous while I am dancing with a friend. She will grin and shake her fist at me and the friend! We do it all in fun! We have conversations about gay marriage and the court system, discussions about our families and how they deal with our relationships, we tease each other and just have a good time. We plan on going again next month and again the next and so on! We will lose our babysitter next year when Jack goes to college, so we will have to make plans for Ethan, but I think we can figure things out! I

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