I have been very busy the last few weeks. Between my full time job teaching, grad school, my part time job mystery shopping and trying to spend time with the boys and Sylvia….I haven’t had time to blog. Not much is going on as you can tell. Sylvia is working a lot at night right now and getting home between 8pm and 9pm. We have been able to go on a few walks together. Both of us have recommitted to walking, so add that to another thing that I have been doing. Thankfully, I am WAY ahead in both my classes. I do have a major project I need to get started on, but overall, I am staying ahead and passing with two As.

Sylvia and I are taking Ethan to a camp for kids with special needs in a few weeks, so we get a weekend alone together. We will drop him off on a Friday evening and pick him up around lunch time on Sunday. We are both looking forward to that and Ethan is looking forward to the camp.


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