We had snow in the DFW area today! I work just east if Dallas in a medium sized district. My district decided to close school early due to the weather. I had driven fe one school to another and the roads and gotten icy so it was a good call. I ended up leaving around 11:30 and it then took me an hour to get home. My usual drive is 30 minutes!

My two boys go to school in the district we live in and they did not get out early. I did pick Ethan up about 30 minutes before school got out. Jack drove himself home. My district has already decided to cancel school tomorrow. My boys may have school! If so, I will spend the day working on grad school assignments.

Today was a hard day though. Ethan said something g inappropriate to a girl. He has Tourette syndrome and I am sure this incident is tied to to his Tourette’s. I have put in a call to our state support group to get some help. He was not suspended. His IEP and BIP protect him since this is a manifestation of his disability, but I worry that the school may think he is doing all of this on purpose. They are going to monitor him between classes and set up some observations. All of this really stresses me out. Thankfully, Sylvia is a good support for me.

I am sitting in a hot bath and am so happy it don’t have to work tomorrow. I really need this snow day tomorrow.


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. I started reading this and my first thought was “Oh my gosh, we teach in the same district!” But no, maybe not. I should learn my directions, since I’m north of Dallas. Haha. Hope you enjoyed your snow day!

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