I am finally settling into my classes this semester. One of my classes requires a LOCKDOWN browser, so you can’t access any other sites or copy/paste from the quiz/test. I was a little nervous about this first quiz, but I got 16/20. I would have preferred 20/20, but I’ll take the 16. It’s 80%. I got 20/20 on another assignment, so overall I still have an A for now! This class is on Applied Behavior Analysis and I find it very interesting. I have worked with several kids with behavior problems as well as Ethan, my own son. The second class on Educational Research is going better than I thought. I have written one paper and completed two quizzes. I scored 15/15 on both quizzes. I am staying ahead, like I did last semester, and so there is no pressure to hurry up and finish an exam or project, for the time being anyway.

Both boys are doing well. Ethan is having some issues with behavior, but we are working on them. Sylvia is already in bed. She is trying to come down with a cold and just doesn’t feel 100% I am going to head back myself here in a bit. My walking is going very well. My goal is now 11,000 steps a day. I actually walked 20,000 steps two Saturdays ago! Oh and child support is now back in full swing, so that is a big HELP! It took almost six weeks after my ex-husband reported that his job had changed for it to start being pulled from his check. He probably should have paid me directly, but oh well, at least I am getting it now.


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