I have been logging at least 10,000 steps a day on my fitbit. I showed a half a pound loss in weight last Tuesday, and hope for a bit more this Tuesday. I walked 20,000 steps yesterday! I am really motivated to walk each day and get those steps. Syvlia is also using her fitbit and walking a lot!

Now, let’s talk about grad school. The classes this semester are a bit different. There are quizzes and tests, which I didn’t have last semester. There are also lectures for each class. Last semester it was read and then answer the questions for the chapter. I have done my reading for this week and even took a practice test. I listened to one lecture, but have one more to listen too. I don’t mind the quizzes and tests, but the LECTURES for the classes are not all posted. I am having to wait for them to be posted. For one class I can retake a quiz and/or test as many times as I need to pass it. Not bad, but the material is boring. I am hoping the lectures add something to the material. The other class is more interesting, but again, all of the lectures have not posted for it either. I am really going to have to organize myself a bit better. Both classes have a project, but neither of those seems to difficult. Overall, I can DO this, but it is just very different from last semester.


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