My grad school classes started yesterday. I am only taking two classes, but that should keep me busy. These classes are very different from my classes last semester. One of the classes on behavior should be interesting. The other one is on collecting data and research, and it seems a little dry. The books is hard to follow. Both classes will have pre-recorded lectures that I can watch so I am hoping that will help me.
Both classes have quizzes and tests and at least one project. I am not as stressed as I was at the beginning of last semester. I know I can do it, but I will have to study more. Some quizzes are open note and open book and I can retake them as many times as I want. Others are timed and I can only take them once. Yikes!! Y’all may see fewer postings for a while!!

2 thoughts on “And So it Begins!

  1. I know this is just my inner giddy scientist speaking, but data collecting and research can be quite fun! I like to marvel that it’s through these techniques that we can really unveil mysteries and truly learn more about life and ourselves. Without it, humans are just idiots talking out of our asses, and no one wants to be there. There is so much application to collecting data and research plus it helps us evolve as a society. Hopefully that was somewhat motivating and the class will seem slightly less boring! 😉

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