My Spring Semester of graduate school starts next Wednesday, January 15th. I am taking two classes, just like I did last semester. By the way, I got an A in each class…WOOHOO! I am looking forward to starting this semester and getting two more classes completed. I should graduate in December 2015! I will take two classes during the Fall and Spring semesters and one class each Summer of 2014 and 2015. I had considered taking three classes this semester, but decided that I didn’t want to have to work that hard to pass the classes. I work full time as a teacher, raise the kids with Sylvia, have a relationship with Sylvia, mystery shop on the side(I am still waiting on child support to start back up again, IT IS IN THE WORKS the office of the attorney general says, but it can take 30-45 days for it to get set up…arghhh) so I would like to have a life and not have to WORK all the time!

Sylvia is very supportive of my return to school. She encourages me to SLOW down with my mystery shopping and not push myself too hard. I love her so much! I plan on enjoying the next few days before the craziness begins.


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