I first heard about the wedding of two me during the Rose Parade on Facebook. Here is a link to the story(copy and paste, I can never get the link thing to work on WP):


Two of my friends posted about this on Facebook, but not in a good way. They posted that people should boycott viewing the Rose Bowl parade and not subject children to the wedding. Here is a link to the protest page:


One of the lines in the article states: “Millions of television viewers will see two homosexual men take wedding vows on a float that will celebrate same-sex marriage.” Sylvia and I chuckled at this one statement, because we would hope it would be TWO HOMOSEXUAL MEN and that a poor straight man would not be forced to marry a gay man or TWO straight men would be forced to marry.

People have the right to protest and boycott the parade. I have never watched the parade in its entirety. I sometimes have it on while I am doing other things in the morning, and then one of my kids usually changes it. If anything, this protest may make more people aware that this wedding is happening and they will then tune in to watch. I wouldn’t have known about this if someone hadn’t protested. Maybe I will set my DVR to record the parade so I can later watch this wedding!

What do you all think?


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