Being with your family can create some fond memories of holidays. I have been baking with my nephew, niece and Ethan. I have been baking with Sylvia and buying presents for the boys. Overall, we have created some great memories. However, being with family can also be a real pain the ass. Things were going awesome today. We went to my brother and his wife’s house to be with them. We brought food, they made the turkey and all was well. We came home for a while and then we went to my dad’s house. My brother and his wife, along with their two kids met us there. We exchanged gifts and I even had a decent conversation with my dad about same-sex marriage. We discussed Utah and New Mexico’s recent decisions to allow same-sex marriage. He actually listened and didn’t comment positively or negatively about it.

As families do, we were just all sitting around and talking. My dad, Sylvia and I were in one part of the kitchen talking while everyone else was in a different part of the kitchen. I mentioned the dialect test that has been going around the internet on facebok. Here is a link

(I can never get this link thing correct on this blog, so cut and paste if you want to take it.)

I found it quite interesting because it name my home town as one of the cities after I took the quiz. There is no right or wrong answer, it is all based on the names of things or how you pronounce something. My step-mom mentioned the three cities she got, and one of them was a major city near the small town she grew up in. We just thought it was cool. My dad then asks about this quiz and so I was telling him about it. I mentioned a few of the questions that I remembered and all of the sudden there is this uproar. My brother is grumbling because HE wants to take the test and I am giving out all of the answers. I said, “well there is no right or wrong answer.” My dad wondered what the big deal was also. So, I tried to lean in close and discuss it with my dad and my brother is still pissed. He even tells me to “F**K” off. OK, now this is a quiz on the internet, and not something you need for your job or something that is really a big deal. His wife is now involved “asking” me to drop it. So I stop talking about the questions and mention to my dad the three towns that the quiz named after I completed the test. My dad then asked me how I said the word “o-f-t-e-n” and I pronounced the word. He said that was how he said it. He then mentioned another word and said it. So here we are just having a conversation, that is about NOTHING really. It reminded me of Seinfeld, just a conversation about PRONUNCIATION and how people in different areas talk. I asked him how he said a word, and now my brother explodes. He calls me a “BI**H” and is stomping around the house all mad. My dad is clueless about why he is mad and I am thinking, I am talking about the three cities and HOW people say words now. I didn’t say anything else about the TEST! I did ask my dad to let me know what three cities the quiz named for him, but that is all. My brother is still stomping around the house. So we got our stuff and left. I just don’t get people. If he didn’t want to hear what we were discussing then LEAVE the room. My dad had kept talking to me about words, and that is all. I am not going to change everything because one person doesn’t want his life ruined over an internet quiz on dialect. Don’t you just love FAMILY!

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