Sylvia and I have been busy baking for the last two weekends. We both like to bake at this time of year and we give a lot of as gifts to people we work with. I usually make Snowball Cookies (pecan sandies rolled in confectionary sugar) and home made pralines. Sylvia found a new recipe she wanted to try this year and it turned out so well. The recipe is for truffles and they are awesome. They are really easy to make and only have three ingredients. We then let the mix harden some and she rolls them into balls. I then roll them in sprinkles or finely chopped pecans. Sylvia even bought some baking cups that are red and white to put the truffles in.

We have really enjoyed preparing all of our goodies. I think we are ALL done, except for some sugar cookies that I am making with the Ethan and my niece and nephew tomorrow! We have all of our goodies in baggies and tins all ready to pass out over the next few days! Sylvia and I have enjoyed working together on the truffles. The boys even helped me roll the truffles one night! Of course, we have to be sure that the truffles are of good quality and we each get to try at lease one of them while we are rolling them! I am glad we found something we can work on together! The picture of the truffles is at the beginning of the blog!

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