We have been iced in since last Friday. We did actually get out to the store yesterday to pick up a few things. Sylvia and I were experiencing CABIN FEVER. School was cancelled again today, so we slept in and hung out. The roads really weren’t too bad, so we went out to the rec center this morning. We both walked, lifted some weights and walked some more. Ethan went with us! He needed to get out and MOVE around some. Jack actually worked a few evenings, so he was out and about some! Sylvia is out at work now, but on her way home. The boys and I return to school tomorrow! We have survived the Great Ice Storm of Dallas 2013. We didn’t go too crazy and we managed not to kill each other!

Sylvia and I received our fitbits in the mail today! We will be tracking our calories burned and the calories we eat. I have set a goal to lose half a pound a week! I spent most of the afternoon playing with the fitbit and getting my settings where I want them to be. Sylvia has hers all set up too!


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