I really enjoy seeing all of my family at Thanksgiving, but then I really enjoy it when we go our separate ways and life returns to normal. My brother, his wife and two kids live about 10 minutes from us and we see them quite a bit. However, it is for short periods of time to celebrate a birthday of one of the kids or to just grab dinner. My sister and her son live about six hours away and I get to see them three to four times a year. My mother had lived two and a half hours away, but recently moved closer. I enjoy spending time with all of these people, but NOT all at once. Ok, so we do pretty good for a few hours, but then someone’s feelings get hurt. Jack had to work yesterday, so he missed all the fun. Actually, yesterday went better than I thought it would. The three older kids, Ethan, my niece-age 9 and my nephew-age 10, all played video games and hung out. My other nephew is only three so he hung out with the adults most of the time. He actually caused more drama than anyone else, by just being picky and demanding, but hey he is three! Three year olds do think they are the center of the universe.

The real fun started today with the family though. Everyone was going to the movies and I mean everyone. I had decided we weren’t going to go, just because Ethan’s tics always seem to come out more when he is supposed to be quiet, like in a movie. However, I decided that I don’t get to see my sister much, so hey, why not, let’s go meet them. Jack and Sylvia decided to bow out, and I was fine with that. So, my brother, his wife, their two kids, my sister, her son, my mother, Ethan and I all meet at a fast food place to eat. This was our first mistake, because the place was packed. We could hardly find a place to sit. We finally got luck and found a spot where we could all sit. My sister, SIL and I all go up to order and when we come back my mother and brother had gotten into an argument. What were they arguing about, you might ask…..well, it was about WHERE everyone was going to sit and who was going to sit by who?? I won’t even get into the complexity of this argument, but thankfully things calmed down and we all sat down to eat.

We had already purchased tickets for the movies, and we were early for the movie, so I took the three older kids with me to Best Buy. The others ran to another store to shop. My SIL and I met up with all the kids at 1:25 to get into the theater and hold seats. The three older kids were sitting together while my little nephew and I saved all the seats. Everyone finally arrives and I move down to sit near Ethan, to be sure his tics didn’t get too loud. Well, then my 10 year old nephew decides he wants to sit near his mother, so he moves down. This means my niece has to move, so she can sit near my nephew. Now Ethan wants to move, arghhhh, I told him no. We were going to stay where we were. I was not about to play musical chairs with nine people when a movie is getting ready to start. We all survived the movies and the three kids came home with me to play. My sister and mom went shopping and the other family went home for a while.

My sister and mom then came and picked up all three kids. Ethan is going to spend the night with my mom, sister and nephew tonight. They met my brother, his wife and son at a restaurant to eat. We were invited, but we decided to bow out. As they were leaving, I asked my mom who she was going to sit next too. She smirked and shot me a look….she then said, “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” I laughed and said, “not tonight!” I later called my sister to be sure that Ethan had taken his medicine. She said he had and they were on their way back to my mom’s house. She then mentions that Ethan ate his dinner and had been good. She said they had left the restaurant and gone to a fast food place to get my nephew, her son, something to eat. Another pet peeve of my mine, this child NEVER eats at a restaurant. My sister always buys him a meal after everyone eats. He did not eat ANYTHING at the Thanksgiving meal. I can see this if he was a young child, but he is 10! Ethan was always a picky child too, but he would eat a pizza or chicken strips at a restaurant. Even when we went to a Mexican food place he would eat tortillas and cheese.

We were all invited to my mother’s house to eat dinner tomorrow night. I declined for us. I said I would come out to pick up Ethan and visit, but we would be making our own dinner. I love my family, but when we are ALL together, somebody always gets mad or upset. I guess this is what family does, or is it? What is your family like? I am sure I do something to bug all of them too. OH, and my sister doesn’t quite like my dad who lives about 10 minutes from me and I am always a go between for them. Aint it grand? I don’t pretend to be perfect, but can’t we just all get along?

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