Let’s just say we have been busy. Grad school is going well, but keeping me busy. My job is keeping me busy and life in general keeps me busy. On Thursday, I was in a car wreck pulling into one of the school’s that I visit to see students. Sylvia had to come get me, since my car had to be towed. The damage didn’t look bad, but it wasn’t drivable. I found out later that the wheel was all messed up. The insurance companies will figure out who was at fault, and hopefully I will have my car back by the end of the week. My insurance is paying for a rental car, so I am driving around a HUGE Ford Taurus. It has all the bells and whistles too. I have that rear camera for driving in reverse. There is even a way to cool or heat the seats! Sylvia had to put her car in the shop today, so she is driving Jack’s car until her car is fixed on Monday. Sylvia and I did get to have our date night tonight! We had a very nice dinner and even got dessert!


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