The last two weeks have been a bit stressful. Sylvia and I have argued twice during this time. I truly think it is PMS, with a bit of exhaustion built in. She is working A LOT right now. She is getting home after 8:00 some nights. I am working a lot during the day and then working on grad school assignments at night. Right now I am two weeks ahead in both classes on assignments and have one project due next week! This has allowed me to go to bed on time, catch up on some TV shows, cuddle with Sylvia and spend some time with the boys. However, it can all still be stressful.

Work is keeping me very busy. Sylvia and I don’t even get to talk during the day most of the time. We do text, but we do like to talk around lunch time. There have been several days when we just couldn’t get our schedules to match up enough to chat. It is not the end of the world, but it does add to our stress. I am hoping things will calm down soon. Our arguments were not too serious, but they can be draining. We have made up and things are good now. I just wish life didn’t get in the way so much!


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