I went back to work a week ago Monday and the boys returned to school. I also started graduate school on that same day! Let’s just say I HAVE BEEN BUSY since then. We have settled back into our morning routine. The boys are doing well in school and Ethan has adjusted to the junior high school. My job has kept me very busy during the day. Graduate school keeps me busy at nights and on the weekend!

I turned in all of my assignments for last week early! I then started on this weeks assignments that are due by Sunday. All of those have been submitted as of today. I even got two grades back from one of my classes….10/10 for each assignment. Today I turned in a project that had a power point and two other word documents. Lets just say, I am glad I started early on that one.

Now I will start on next weeks assignments! Sylvia has been a great support through all of this. The first day I looked at all of my assignments, I thought I was nuts for returning to school. Now I am really liking it and I think I am learning a lot!

So, you may not hear from me as much, but for now all is well.


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