I will be starting graduate school at the end of next month! I called Financial Aid today and they said everything looks good. They will take what they need for tuition and then direct deposit what is left over in my checking account. This will pay for books and the such. I will be teaching full time, but I need 350 hours of observation in special education classes for one of my classes. I will get this through observing, but also working with my students and attending IEP meetings. Any other planning sessions I attend will count too! All of my classes will be online! Things are so different from when I graduated with my Bachelor’s back in 1990! I am getting my Master in Special Education focusing on Diagnostician! I am very excited, but very nervous! Sylvia has been very supportive of me returning to school. I’ll let y’all know how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Starting Grad School

  1. Congratulations on your going back to school for your Masters:) I did my online too, and it was a lot of work, more than going to campus, but it was worth it. Good luck:)

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